Charlene Rene

About Us

My Specialties:

  • Counseling for first responders (Police/Fire/Rescue) and their families
  • Counseling for medical professionals
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Families in Conflict
  • Abandonment Issues
  • Mother Daughter Conflict
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Parents of Teens Acting Out
  • Adolescent Groups
Charlene Rene


“When I wake up…everything I went through will be beautiful”-Jill Scott

Who I am:

I was born in Hawaii, raised in southern California, but grew up in Pensacola, FL. I am a product of the one and only Gator Nation where I received my BA degree.

Upon graduation, I set out on a path of finding myself and helping my community in the process, eventually leading me to pursue my graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I truly believe everything we are, and everything we do, goes back to our roots, starting with our own families. Until we are able to heal what struggles we face internally, it is difficult for us to show up fully and healthy in the outward areas of our lives. Helping individuals and families to heal, grow, and thrive is my goal.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and two sons, reading, and jam roller skating. I love music, colorful Converse shoes, and cheesecake!

What I do:

I help conflicted couples who are stuck in patterns of arguing, blaming, resentment, and lack of trust rebuild and restore understanding, love, hope, and healing in their relationship.

I also specialize in working with first responders and health professionals. As a person with a heart to serve, I can identify with the unique issues facing those in helping professions who give so much to others–sometimes to the detriment of their own self-care. Often the pressure to be a problem solver takes its toll and can eventually lead to feeling empty and unfulfilled. Job related stress and burnout can have a costly impact on relationships and physical wellness. After several years working as a police officer, I experienced my own emotional struggles both professionally and personally, but was able to discover that my passion truly was to help families in a more effective way– not just solving a problem in the moment, but getting to the root cause of an issue to promote healing and prevent harm. I use an integrative and customized approach to therapy which may include Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Solutions-Focused Therapy, Family Systemic and Humanistic and Experiential Therapy techniques.

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